Tuesday, June 22, 2010


MIA--Better known as-- Mother. Intervention. Alcoholic.

   Growing up, before we moved, and lost the business, before we lost all the money we had coming in, before life changed..My mom didn't drink. I mean I guess she did, but I never noticed, alcohol would sit in our house for months, and go undrank. I remember going shopping, all the time, and trips to the mall, going to parks, regular things that moms take you to do.
   I was in high school when I realized my mom had started drinking more than usual parents. Sure, I had friends that would have a few beers every now and then, but my mom..she drank. A lot. We had bottles of liquor in the cupboards, pantry, outside fridge, everywhere. We were the party house, my mom drank enough that we could steal the alcohol from her, and she never once questioned us about it, because she wanted to be the cool parents..or if she just really didn't notice that it was gone.
    I moved out when I was 18, into my grandma's after a blow out with my mom about drinking. She had went from the calm drink all the time sort of person, to the hiding it slightly, and driving. {It is weird to see how far she has advanced since I was 16 years old, how much she has changed in those years} I noticed the drinking more as the years went by. More empty beer cans, more stops at the store for beer, more beer in her truck. Just always beer everywhere.
     It is now to the point where my mom starts drinking at six in the morning, and doesn't stop until she goes to bed around midnight or so. She drinks all day long. Probablly buckets and buckets of beer, she goes to the bar now. Something she used to not do. She'll order food from town, and go to get it around six, and not come home with the food until close to nine. She doesn't realize she has been gone that long, or why the food is cold. She doesn't think she's done anything wrong, and when my sisters and father are upset with her, she plays it off like she just left, and that they must of sold her cold food. It is sad.
    She and I talk almost every day. Sometimes though, she calls me late at night, just hours after we last talked, and yells at me, because "We haven't spoken in days." She is serious about the fact that she hasn't talked to me in days. It is so frustrating. I try not to get upset.

   I have been watching Intervention lately, mostly bawling my eyes out, THE WHOLE FREAKEN SHOW! I would love to get my whole family on board to do an intervention with my mother. She is dangerous to herself, and others. She used to weigh right about 235 lbs, she now has dropped a ton of weight and weighs right at 160, maybe. She gets frequent nose bleeds, she has bruises all over her body that just pop up whenever she bumps into anything. I know there is something else going on, but she refuses to go to the doctor. It is beyond frustrating to me.
   I have tried to get my whole family to do an intervention, to call the cops when she drives, to take the keys away before she drives, to take away the money she buys the alcohol with, and everyone is on board, til it comes down to doing it. Then when I step up and say "This is it! We as a family are done!"..I turn around and I am the only one standing there. Everyone likes to bitch about it, but no one is willing to do anything to rock the boat. No one wants her to be mad at them, me..I guess I just don't care.

   I hope one day, my family will be able to see that there is something that needs to be done, but until then, I guess I am going at this battle alone.

Until next time,
 Mrs. H


  1. Unfortunately, you may be the only one to take that step, but it is one you need to take. What is right for you is the best thing to do. It may be a hard one, but you need to take a stand. The rest of your family may not agree at this point, but if you have kids yourself, you need to make a decision on whether she can be allowed into your own family. Hard decisions and I feel for you.

  2. I'm sorry that you're the only one that's willing to stand up & do the right thing. It must suck to see someone you care so deeply for drown themselves one alcoholic beverage at a time. Maybe one day your fighting will pay off...no one said doing the right thing was the popular thing right?