Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a cheater.

Well, not currently, but seven months ago..I did. Multiple times. More time than my husband even knows about. I am not proud to say it. But my husband and..we had issues. Currently most of our issues are solved, and we don't fight hardly at all. I mean honestly probably once a month?! At the most.

When I was 15, I pretty much fell in love with guy that would enter my life, and not leave it until six months ago. He was my security blanket. He was there throughout every single relationship that I had from the moment I gave up my inocence to him, until the moment he exited my life. We shall call him C.

He has ruined a number of relationships, and been the biggest contributor to Mr. H and I's problems. We have faught tooth and nail about C, there were lies, affairs, phone calls, thousands of text, nights spent with eachother, hours in eachothers arms, and emails. And this is all over..and honestly..I miss him, but I wouldn't change the life Mr. H and I have for anything.

More on that later. ♥ For now-- I am on my way to an interview.

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  1. I think you can now say you "were" a cheater.

    Whatever you may have had with C is in the past & even though you may miss what you had with him, it seems like you're moving on & learning from the experience...good for you.