Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Husband, pt 1.

     Dear Husband,
             There is a reason why you and I are like oil and water. I am not sure what it is, or why it is the way it is. We have been like that our entire relationship, from the very begining. We first got together and we barley knew eachother. We had only know of eachother for a few short months, and then we started hanging out on a more regular basis. Going to the same parties, hanging out at CJ's house. You spending the night out in the living room, or drinking all night long with all the guys that used to crash there. We first seen eachother in the summer, and nothing really happened, we just kinda flirted, and made eyes at eachother, then in November things changed. We started spending more time together, you started really flirting with me.
      I wasn't into it. You were pesky, and not the type of guy that I was into, and on top of that--I had guys that I was hanging out with. I was young, and thought I was untouchable, I was sleeping with whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted. And then it seemed that at every party, there you were, trying to catch my eye, or trying to be next to me. Why me? You had a girlfriend the whole time, that I had no idea about.  A girl that even to this day in our relationship is a huge issue.
     The weekend of Thanksgiving your girlfriend was out of town {which I still had no idea that you even had a girlfriend to begin with}, and you spent most of your time at CJ's and partien with our crowd. Friday night, you tried to kiss me, I laughed it off, and left with the guy I had came with. Saturday while driving to the cliffs to party with CJ and two other girls I told her that you had tried to kiss me. One of the girls asked if I was really talking about you, and how you actually had a girlfriend.
       I refused to talk to you after that. I was annoyed. I wasn't going to be played by some guy, that I didn't like. But deep down, I knew I liked you. I just wasn't ready to admit it, by Monday TM {your girlfriend} knew all about what you had been doing while she was gone. You told me Tuesday that you had broken up with her, and you and I spent a little bit more time together, sharing the couch, mild flirting, and I was considering giving you more of a chance. I let my guard down, and I actually spent some time together, one night late you convinced me to go to the coast with you, at about 11:15, we got there around one in the morning, and I had so much fun. We walked on the beach, cuddled in the sand, and talked about everything we could think of. I decided that might to give you more of a chance.
     We started talking on the phone, and calling eachother to say good night, planning to go on a date the following weekend. One night I was waiting for a call from you, and when my phone rang I thought it was you..I answered it "Hey babe." my surprise it was not you on the other line. It was your mother. She was calling to tell me that you & TM were still together and that you two had plans to hang out that weekend, and that you had never broken up. Once again, I felt stupid, little did I know that would be the first of many time you would make me feel stupid.

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